Saturday, September 8, 2012

Finally Home

I am finally home and living in my beloved mountain town in Virginia.  Oh how I have missed this place!

I've been here since the end of June 2012 and I LOVE it.  I feel at home in so many ways.  I've started writing again!  Added bonus:  I've started to paint.  I am blissfully happy.

I know I talked about the paleo diet and I did try it but I found out it's terribly expensive.  It's also difficult to get all the fresh foods when you don't have a car so for now, I'm eating what I can within reason and taking walks into town.  It's nice.  Everything is 5-10 minutes from my front door!

I will share an excerpt from my book, a little poetry, and post pics of my paintings soon.

Life is good and I am happy.

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