Monday, September 10, 2012

Why I am going hiking tomorrow.

This afternoon I came across a picture I liked on Facebook so I went to the page that originally posted it.  It was a fitness page.  I browsed through their page and read all the inspirational quotes and health facts.  Then I realized a few things:

1.  I'm laying in bed.

2.  It's 2:30 in the afternoon.

3.  It's a perfect Autumn day.

4.  I'm thinking of food even as I read this.

5.  This is pathetic.

I felt so ashamed of myself.  I'm heavier right now than I've ever been in my entire life.  I am the mass of two skinny women and I'm beginning to develop my own orbit and gravitational field.  I am very unhappy with my body.  For so long, I've made excuses about my weight invoking every health problem and ailment I have.  Then it hit me:  Perhaps I wouldn't have as many health problems if I lost weight and got into shape! Sounds simple right?  I agree.  It's just a conclusion I had to reach on my own.  Right now I'm at a crossroads.  I have to make a choice. I can keep adding to laundry list of disease and sickness, continue to gain weight, feel bad, hate my body, and have nothing to wear OR I can suck it up, get my a$$ up early and start jogging or hiking or running.

It's pretty shameful that I'm back home in Virginia and live two miles from multiple trail heads and the Appalachian Trail and I've yet to go on ONE HIKE since I've been back.  My dream was to live in the country and be close to the trail.  Well here I am, living the dream! What have I done?  Nothing.  Pathetic and sad.  To pour salt on the proverbial wound, I even have great gear.  I have ASOLO hiking boots, a 30 degree sleeping bag, a TrekLight Gear double hammock and hanging kit, a Mountainsmith backpack, a tarp,  wool socks, camp stove, etc..  WTF?  Why am I not out there on the trail?  I'm sure my cat would be fine for a few days without me!  Yet, here I sit - no LAY- on my bed, day in and day out, either reading or watching Netflix.  In the dark.  Eating crap-food.  Alone.


There is NO reason for me to stay inside like this.  I don't have a formal job.  I write.  I paint.  I blog.

***I'm planning a hike right now***

Tomorrow I will be on the trail.  I may not do "big miles" but that's okay.  I will walk, hike, climb, and sleep under the stars.  I am taking my journal and possibly a few paints and brushes.  I'll be out there for a few days.  The weather here is going to be clear, mild and sunny ALL WEEK.  Highs:  Low 80s; Lows:  Mid 50s.  Freakin PERFECT!

I'm psyched.  I have a ride to the trail head and I'm going over my gear.  I'll update you later and share pics. For personal safety reasons I won't specify my exact location.

If you're reading this and you want to make a positive change in your life, DO IT.  Do it now!

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