Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Happiest Salad in the World

This has truly been one of the BEST afternoons of my life.  No kidding.

It all started with a beautiful fall day, a cloudless sky, and the desire to get out of the house for a while.  I have a terrible back that gives me constant pain and I also get occasional flare ups of fibromyalgia.  Yesterday was very painful for me but I find if I do nothing for a long amount of time I get stiff and feel even worse.  So, I knew I needed to suck it up and get out today.  I am so glad I did.

I had $10 to my name and I really wanted a fresh organic salad for dinner.  I decided to walk to the local market and get one.  The market is on the opposite end of town from my house but being a very small town it's still not very far.  As I got down the gravel part of the road,  I turned around and took this picture:

Only when I got home and saw it on my Facebook page did I realize how beautiful the sky looks this afternoon!  

I get into town and go to the locally owned hardware store.  I talk to the owners about seeds and herbs for an indoor garden.  They are very kind and helpful but do not carry any seeds at this time.  Come back in February they said.  I sure will!  Next, I cross under the train overpass and cross the road.  I decide to go into the local video store and get a free membership.  I do that and of course, I see a DVD I've missed at the theater and that is not on Netflix yet.  (Y'all know I love me some Netflix!)  So I get the DVD (Prometheus!) and leave with $8 and a 2-day rental.  

Right beside the video store is my lovely little local bookstore.  I love love love the owners in there!  I pop in for a quick hello and it turns into a beautiful 20 minute conversation about all the fabulous new books, life, and hiking.  She gives me dark chocolate just as a small family comes in to browse.  *Heaven*  

I leave her to her other customers and walk outside, continuing to the market.

Before I get there, I see the new art supply store!  I had read about it in the local paper but I wasn't sure exactly where it would be.  I like to paint with acrylics and up until now I didn't have anywhere to get good art supplies except online.  I really like the ease of the internet but I prefer to shop locally and support my local business owners.  Needless to say I was thrilled about the art place coming to town.  They weren't open yet but I saw a couple of folks inside putting things up on shelves.  The doors were propped open so I hollered, "Knock knock!".  They smiled and invited me in.  The lady and I started talking and she showed me all the stuff they had and she invited me to the opening on Saturday.  I will be going!  Maybe I'll even win a prize!  Great folks for sure.  I'm so glad they are here.  They even offer various types of art lessons!  I'm psyched.

So, I finally make it to the market.  I get my fresh organic spring mix salad and a small bottle of dressing.  At the check out I grab an ice cold Poweraide.  Turns out, everything is on sale and I spend just under $6.

Leaving the market, a voice says hello to me and it's my housemate's son.  We have a brief chat as he is going to work (at the market) and he says he'll come around this weekend and cut the grass.  :)

I get up the hill and start back towards home and as I pause to drink my Poweraide I just stand still and look at how truly beautiful this day is.  The mountains are in a fiery explosion of colors, the air is cool with a breeze and the sun is warm on my face.  I take a deep breath and breathe the life of this day inside of me.  I swear, it felt so good I got a little misty eyed with sheer joy.

I head back up the road and cars stop to let me cross the street, even though it's close to rush-hour.  One more wonderful thing about living in a small town is that everyone looks out for one another.

I am passing by the library and even though my hands are kind of full, I decide I'll go in "just to look around".  Yeah, like THAT'S ever happened!  LOL.  I leave with five books.  Luckily I carry a spare tote bag in my purse.  Okay now my hands are REALLY full!

I start again towards home and as I get to last part of town I am drawn to the post office.  I've been wanting to do something there but I kept dismissing it.  Today I would do it.  I went in and bought two Forever stamps.  On the back of the receipt I wrote, 

"<3 Pay it forward day <3  Need a stamp, take one!  <3"

I left the stamps on one of the mail tables.  Satisfied, I left the post office and walked home.  Right now I am about to make my salad and enjoy the best afternoon I've had in a long long time.  I'm happy and grateful, and I still have $1.

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