Monday, November 19, 2012

Wine Glass Success!

Hey everyone, it's been crazy around here!  I've fully committed to getting my home business started and it's really time consuming...I love it though!  I never would have thought this is what I'd be doing.

I've been making friends with wine glasses.  No, not that way, we're already besties when it comes to the drinking out of bit, I'm talking about painting on them.  It is a whole other skill set to acquire.  I had to learn not to fear the glass, to paint boldly and confidently yet gently and smoothly.  It's almost like taking a new lover.  It's getting to know something intimately.

So far, I've done well with the business but I have a huge gut feeling that things will be exploding with success very soon.  I keep having dreams where I am immensely happy and full of joy, successful and confident...I feel it, I know it...I am merely manifesting here on this plane slower than on the others.  In this other plane, I have my new laptop (yea!) and my business is a great success.  Now it's up to me to continue doing what I'm supposed to be doing to manifest it here in the physical.  I'm also slim and gaw-jeous in the other plane and I've been losing a LOT of weight here in the physical!  I'm really excited about that.  Now I will have my laptop AND  my figure by the end of this year!!  6 weeks to total success baby!  I know it!

Here are my newest creations and link to my etsy shop.  I take custom orders and I'm offering free shipping on my pairs of wine glasses and on any two items ordered at the same time.

Mystic Meadows Etsy Shop

"Autumn Trees"


"Autumn Fire"

"Autumn Fire"

"Autumn Fire"



So there you have it, my latest creations.  I have to go for now but I'm always reachable!  Thanks for stopping by!

Mystic Meadows


  1. I love that you are following your heart! I am a wee bit jealous that you have been brave enough to do your own thing. I wish you huge success with the business


  2. Thank you Wendy! I just wrote a long reply to your comment but I think my phone ate it. :(
    Any who, I'm happy you dropped by and left me the hugs! Stick around for my LIFESTYLE MAKEOVER starting tomorrow. I'm terrified but I'm laying it all there!


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