Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lemon Water Detox-Day 2, part 2

Hi again. It's 9 pm and I'M STARVING OMG I'M SO HUNGRY! I'm staring at this beat up old can of turnip greens with glazed eyes thinking how delicious it would be to just drink the juice!

To add to my woes, I get paid tomorrow and will have to go to the market. My only consolation here is the local coffee house which sells organic juice shots. Working against me is the Chinese restaurant next door to it! I love that place! I'll also have to walk past a Dairy Queen, a  Sam's Hot Dog, an upscale grill, a famous pizzeria, a Mexican restaurant, another pizza place, and the deli inside the market.

What could possibly go wrong??

Wow, for a tiny town in rural Virginia, that's a lot of eateries! Hmmmm...

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