Saturday, November 24, 2012

Starting Early! Day 1- Lemon Detox

Okay, here we go!
I know I know I said I was going to start my lifestyle transformation on Monday but I just can't wait any longer. Today I've started with the lemon water detox. I'm going to do a 3 day warm lemon water juice fast and detox. after the 3 days are over I'm still planning on keeping the lemon water as part of my new lifestyle. I believe lemon water has a lot of excellent health benefits. I really want to start juicing again. There's a juicer on for 30 dollars,very simple and basic. I am thinking, I would have normally spend that 30 dollars (at least!) on alcohol in a month so why not spend the 30 dollars on a juicer and do something positive with the money instead?
I've also been reading a lot of great things about the multiple health benefits of coconut oil, so Monday I'm going to the store and buying a small container of organic coconut oil to try.
(I'm trying to summarize my lifestyle plan about the cat is laying on my notebook taking a bath. If you have a cat, you know you can't disturb them ,especially if they're laying on a very important paperwork. Okay, he moved.)
Okay, another thing I want to experiment with is drinking organic apple cider vinegar. There are a lot of health benefits associated with it. I will be drinking tomato juice and cayenne pepper too.
1 thing I've noticed over the past 48 hours is after eating all of the carbs during Thanksgiving my body is miserable. I have arthritis and fibro and I have gotten a very bad flare up from all the carbohydrates: the potatoes the stuffing, the rolls... this has made me think about a gluten free diet in addition to the very low carbohydrate plan I have originally planned.  Since moving back to Virginia, I don't eat a lot of carbs, at least not in the vast and disgusting quantities that I used to eat them.
That leads me to the next section which is very positive. I want to talk about all of the little tiny changes that I've made since I've moved home and what a huge difference they have made. I've been here almost 5 months. In that time, I have lost around 15 pounds without working out or really trying to lose weight.  My lifestyle changed and my body followed. Although I still have a lot of weight I want to lose,  I was pleasantly surprised when I got on the scale early this morning and noticed that I had dropped 15 pounds. I  weighed myself when I first moved here at the end of June, more out of disgust and curiosity than any real motivation to change. I remember how sad and ashamed I felt seeing those numbers. (248) Numbers I'd never seen on a scale before were now associated with ME. I had really sunk to my lowest point. I would wallow in self pity for 30 more days before deciding to make small changes and try new things. Here's what I've done to change in 5 months (and now they are things I now incorporate in my life without even thinking twice) :
I completely eliminated or vastly reduced the following from my diet:
white bread, soda (all types), potatoes, margarine, frozen processed foods, fried foods, take out food, canned soups and pastas, chips, snacks, hot wings etc.
This was easier because I didn't have money to buy all this crap and even if I did, I'd have to carry it all home. Coke and Spaghettios are heavy y'all. Just saying.
The house I live in now is an historic old farmhouse with a garden. I share it with 4 other people. We get along pretty well for the most part. All of us are interested in health, the environment,  homeopathy, and eating organically. Call it a modern day commune if you like but it really does work well for us. That being said, I wasn't tempted by all the yucky foods from my past. I'm surrounded by organic eggs, whole grains, vegetables. It was a shock but it was also something I'd never been able to do on my own.
I'm a 5 minute walk from town and there is a local grocer within walking distance. From April to October a have a local farmers market nearby, also in walking distance. (I don't have a car so if I want something I have to get off my ass and go get it.)
To tie this up, all these things aided me in losing the 15 pounds without really trying. This let me see how making small lifestyle changes added up to great accomplishments over time. Now I'm motivated to step it up and actually pursue my weight loss, health, fitness, and personal goals. I'll be adding small but permanent lifestyle changes to my diet and exercise routine.
Feel free to comment and join me!
When life gives you lemons, juice them and feel great!

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