Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three Bags of Potatoes

Wow, time flies!  Tomorrow makes two weeks since my last post.  I'm really sorry y'all!

I cleaned and organized my room, set up my new work table and started on my new art projects like I said.  The best news is...

I'm still on my healthy living plan and I've lost 16 pounds so far!

I've lost a total of 28 pounds since moving back home to Virginia in July.  The benefits of being happy and of having the right foods around you.

More excitement:  My housemate has ordered a juicer and it should be arriving this week.  I did a couple weeks of juicing last year in Arkansas but the ex wasn't into it and wanted "real dinners" so I gave up.  I regret it now but c'est la vie, live and learn, yadda yadda yadda right?  Now, I'm determined to press forward and do this for ME.

I've been posting a few updates on Facebook about my diet and progress.  I get great support from friends but lately I've hesitated on posting because I didn't want to turn people off by all my happy weight loss talk.  Well, let me tell you something...I have had two different people tell me that I am inspiring THEM with my posts.  These ladies always have a kind word to say to me but it turns out they are getting inspiration from what I'm doing.  I never thought of it that way.  Now I am happy that I am sharing this journey with the world.  It's tough to put my heart and soul out there for all to see but if I can help just one person find the strength to be healthy and happy I am glad.

I haven't gotten brave enough to post photos but I DO have some.  I am thinking about sharing pics when I get closer to my goal weight and size.  I am still ashamed of how big I let myself become.  I am very happy about my current weight loss but I'd be lying if I said I was really happy with my body today.  It's an improvement but it's not where I want it to be.  Yet!

Just under three weeks to go until  New Year's Eve so my goal is look pretty amazing by then.  I plan on doing a three day juice fast when the juicer arrives.  I hope I can do it this weekend.  After that, I plan to continue my healthy living into 2013 and be truly a-freakin-mazing come summertime!  I really hate the heat but dammit I'm gonna look great in a little sundress this year!

Before I go I wanted to touch on something I mentioned in my last post about emotional eating.  I do admit to being an emotional eater.  I used to eat when I was bored, stressed, depressed, tired...pretty much anytime I felt anything bad.  I'd even eat when I was happy too.  I also ate really bad things.  I drank too much beer and wine.  I was destroying my body from the inside out.  Just like with my smoking, I knew I had to stop.  I am one of those people who just makes up their mind to do something and does it.  I have been smoke-free for over two years.  I decided to quit because it was unhealthy and expensive and I did.  Now, I am choosing to eat healthy and live healthy.  I am choosing to know what I put into my body.  I am choosing to fuel my body with organic and healthy things (for the most part).  I truly believe you are what you eat.

This leads me to my next crossroads:  To be vegetarian or not.  For the most part I have been vegetarian the past two weeks.  No red meat, no dairy, no starch, no breads...just veggies, bananas and tuna.  Yes, fish are animals but to me, seafood is a little different.  I'm sure there's a type of vegetarian category that includes fish...whatever.  I'm not into labels.  It just seemed like the best way to go these past two weeks.  I feel incredible.  Now, I'm not completely against meat, I'm just against the commercialized, processed, and over-medicated mass production of consumer meat products.  If I see a happy free range chicken, I'd eat it.  Same for a cow.  I like deer meat.  I just want my meat to be treated ethically in life and in death.

So, I will close this post now.  I'm going to do another on my supplements that I've been taking the past two weeks.  I really believe that proper vitamins, minerals and supplements make a world of difference.

I really do feel amazing!

PS When I was at the grocery store tonight, I picked up three 5-lb bag of potatoes and walked down the aisle with them, representing the weight I'd lost recently!  What a huge difference!!!