Monday, February 18, 2013

Kindle for a Hero

Hi!  I recently heard about a disabled US Navy Vet who loves to read and would really like a Kindle. He is on a very limited income and can't afford one. He was requesting used paperbacks to take with him to the VA hospital to read while he gets his treatments. Personally I prefer books, but this man's story really touched my heart. If he wants a Kindle, by golly I want to help him get one!  I created a donation site for a fund drive here: Go Fund Me: Kindle for a Hero Donation Page

He doesn't know I'm doing this and I'd love to be able to purchase the Kindle and case and have it shipped to him anonymously!  If there are any extra funds I'd put them on an Amazon card for him to use for e-books.
If you can help, or know of someone who can, please share. I don't know this man personally but wanting a Kindle is such a small thing compared to the time and risk he gave to the service of our country.
Thanks y'all!

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