Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Humor; A to Z Blogging Challenge



This post may contain a few slightly offensive words and links to other sites that may use offensive words.

If you get offended by certain words, proceed with caution or click out.

I love to laugh.  I think a sense of humor is one of the most essential elements in a partner, right next to intelligence.  If you're smart, witty, and make me laugh at off-the-wall science jokes, my heart is yours.  But I also enjoy lots of different types of humor.

There's the aforementioned nerd/geek stuff that gets me every time.  Got a good Star Trek joke?  I'll be your new best friend for life.

Saturday night and we're feeling more than "alright"?  Let's tell some dirty rauchy jokes!

Hanging out with the wee ones?  I can do dorky.  Just not too many knock-knocks or I'll knock you out.  Seriously.

My favorite kind of humor has to be sarcasm.  Yes, reeeeally.  :P  I love a snarky comeback, or stating the obvious, or asking how in the actual *** did THAT happen?

LOL Cats.  Ahhh, the kittehs.  Yes, ai lubs de kittehs.

There are a few blogs and websites I like too.  I thought I'd include things that make me laugh. If you go over there, tell them I sent you, and please, don't be an a$$.  I love all three of these ladies!



So, no matter what your laugh style, it's always better to laugh than to cry.

It's really awesome to laugh UNTIL YOU CRY!