Thursday, April 11, 2013

j is for migraine; a to z blogging challenge


j is for migraine

shhhhhhhhhh, please be very quiet...i've got the lights turned down low, the fan blowing, and i'm curled up in bed with my kitteh and my favorite pillow...

yes, i have the dreaded migraine.  please be kind.  i've tried to think of something to write about but it's really beyond me today.  i apologize.

instead, i'm being truthful with you and i'm going to post some random stuff and pictures for you to look at.

i'll be back tomorrow.

blog on with your bad selves.

oh and don't slam the door on your way out.  thanks.

my dream home
Photo from
dream house
Appalachian Woods website.

Antique Hand Hewn Log Cabin

Stuarts Draft, Virginia
with wide plank Antique Barn-board Oak and Wormy Chestnut flooring

i love owls
Photo by National Geographic
No copyright infringement intended.  Used for educational purposes only.
Northern Spotted Owl.

National Geographic website.

something i just read and learned...

evidently, one may now travel to Cuba...  click on Cuba to go to the national geographic site for's just under six grand...(really? really??)

here ya go...
how to mix a good here for
you're welcome...

oh, you may need this later:  hangover cures

that's all i've got...

see ya tomorrow.