Sunday, April 14, 2013

L is for Luke Bryan-One Woman's Hunt; A to Z Blogging Challenge

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Originally, I was going to write another blog post about my Viking heritage and discuss Loki, Long Ships, and Viking Legends and Mythology.  However, when my friend and housemate, Leslie, heard I was blogging on letter "L" tonight, she seized the opportunity to get her Luke Bryan Fan Video out on the internet.

Just like Stephen King in "Misery", (um-help!) I am being forced under duress, threat of bodily harm, denial of internet services, and vague threats of eviction if I don't post and blog about her love of Luke by sharing her funny clip.

To view her video masterpiece, click the link below:


Leslie works very hard raising a teenage son, working full time, and managing her own business and is usually found with her nose in a laptop or out hiking with her dogs.  She's been a great support to me personally in the short time I've come to know her and I am excited she gets to see him in concert next month in her hometown of Virginia Beach.  God help Luke if she finds him, (or rather, God help her...not sure she'd be coherent to even remember it....?!?)

Leslie (a.k.a. "Legz") has tried, unsuccessfully, four different times to meet Luke Bryan and all four times she has come up short.  He is her favorite country music artist, which is saying a lot considering she has only listened to country for two years.  But while Mr. Luke is definitely a looker, she truly appreciates his talent, his commitment to his family, his humor, his difficult past, and his ability to have fun in life which is clearly apparent during his shows.  Being a fellow piano player herself, when he hits the keys, she hits the floor...sometimes we all need someone famous to look up to, admire, enjoy, and even live a little vicariously through when the "going gets tough and the tough's ready to get going"!  Luke, his music, and his personality, (ok, I'm sure his visual appeal had NOTHING to do with it!) are those bright spots for her, and I have to admit, as I have become familiar with him myself, I can certainly see why!

I know Leslie is not posting this video in an effort to truly meet him, although of course that would be great!  She is just having fun with something she enjoys...taking pictures, living life, taking chances in the spirit of a good time.  From all looks and appearances, it seems she and Luke's crew have quite a lot in common!

This one's for you Legz!  Great job on the video!

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  1. What a fun post! I'm not a country fan but I can see why she's eager to meet him. ;)

    1. Thanks! She'd be honored if he just got to see this video. Please share it if you can. I normally don't ask people to do things but I'd just love for her hard work to be rewarded. I swear I think she'd keel over if he actually saw it and liked it!


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