Monday, April 1, 2013

ODE TO WINE, NaPoWriMo, Day One

by Tammy Petry

I sit
propped on pillows
sipping red wine
from a large blue glass
by the bare bulb of my lamp

The air around me is cold
but I edge deeper
into the layers
of quilts and blankets
that remind me of times
and of loved ones passed

My feet are warmed
by the large orange tabby
who never leaves my side

As I savor
the crisp tangy wine
I wait
for that magical moment
when my skin
flashes hot
and I can feel my pulse
throbbing in my fingertips

(thump thump thump)

I am pleasantly warmed
from head to toe
and everywhere in between
and am finally able
to close
and release
the thoughts and worries of the day

I allow sleep
to gently come over me

Just as The Morrigan
takes the newly departed from the battlefield
so I succumb to Dionysis' embrace
and allow myself to be carried off
like a child
like warrior
into my sleep.