Saturday, October 5, 2013

Art in Virginia Beach, THE WAVE

The Wave, Virginia Beach's Newest Work of Art
lit in blue against a coastal sunset sky of orange and grey.

Work on the "Wave" sculpture is wrapping up, and the Laskin Road roundabout may open early next week. On Friday, workers strung the sculpture's cables, tested the water in the reflecting pool and reprogrammed the lighting.
"It's coming together," said Indianapolis artist Jeff Laramore, here for the installation. "If everything goes well, we'll be out by the end of the weekend."
Laramore, who designed the sculpture, lightly sandblasted the stainless steel plates earlier this week to get a "pure, elegant" look, he said. "It's a very good finish for reflecting light."
"Wave" sits in a shallow pool with cascading water. It's illuminated at night by a colorful display of LED lights.
"It's come together very much like the model," Laramore said.
A dedication ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. Oct. 12 in Gateway Park, adjacent to the Laskin Road roundabout.
The city is contributing $235,000 for the foundation, lighting and pumping system of the sculpture and will maintain "Wave." The Public Art Virginia Beach Foundation raised private funds for the artwork and installation.