Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Star Trek Love Poem, for Jack

You are my Kirk
You keep me grounded when I want to be reckless
You take the lead fearlessly when I am unsure
Your courage inspires me

You are my Spock
You analyze the facts when I passionately rush in
Your logic is like a beacon in the dark when I am overwrought with emotions

You are my Bones
When I am sick
Whether in body, mind, or spirit
Your touch is a healing balm that makes me well again

You are my Sulu
Your wise judgment and gentle guidance
Has led me to safety in difficult times
I can always trust in you

You are my Scotty
When you kiss me, hold me, touch me...
My engine purrs
And my warp drive engages

Sometimes I think
That our love is like the Kobiashi Maru
Everyone says it's impossible
Yet we always find a way to make it work

You are my Enterprise
My beloved companion and partner in life
Taking me places I never thought I'd go
Traveling through the storms of life
in the safety of your shields

Like the Captain for his ship and crew
There isn't anything I wouldn't do
For You

Live Long and Prosper, Vulcan salutation
Star Trek TOS

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