Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Star Trek Love Poem, for Jack

My beloved Jack, thank you for being in my life.
I'll always love you.
You were my soulmate.


You are my Kirk
You keep me grounded when I want to be reckless
You take the lead fearlessly when I am unsure
Your courage inspires me

You are my Spock
You analyze the facts when I passionately rush in
Your logic is like a beacon in the dark when I am overwrought with emotions

You are my Bones
When I am sick
Whether in body, mind, or spirit
Your touch is a healing balm that makes me well again

You are my Sulu
Your wise judgment and gentle guidance
Has led me to safety in difficult times
I can always trust in you

You are my Scotty
When you kiss me, hold me, touch me...
My engine purrs
And my warp drive engages

Sometimes I think
That our love is like the Kobiashi Maru
Everyone says it's impossible
Yet we always find a way to make it work

You are my Enterprise
My beloved companion and partner in life
Taking me places I never thought I'd go
Traveling through the storms of life
in the safety of your shields

Like the Captain for his ship and crew
There isn't anything I wouldn't do
For You