Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From my cat to yours...what your cat wants for Christmas.

This is Mackie.  He knows what your cat wants for Christmas.

Mackie was supposed to be working but...
He is playing Cat Fishing on Friskes dot com.

According to my sources, there have been many requests for this item from the kittehs up north...

This SmartyKat CrackleShute cat tunnel is another top request.  It is collapsible and lightweight and easy to store or move from room to room.

Finally, several TV watching kittehs have requested this item, as seen on TV:

So, hopefully one or more of these items is on your cat's wishlist this year.  If your cat likes any of these great items, please use the links in this blog to purchase them from Amazon.  If you do, Mackie will get lots of free catnip!  Thanks!