Saturday, January 11, 2014

From Me to You: Shakin Up the Blog!

Hi everybody!  Glad you're here.  I have some important news to share with you all.

Gather 'round the bonfire now, come on...

Gather 'round the bonfire!

...little bit closer...

...okay, great!

I am updating this blog page (finally, right?)and I've decided that in addition to some exterior cosmetic fixes, I am going to format my posts. I'm also going to start writing the way I talk, heavily peppered with colorful other words, lots of sarcasm, snark, and cussing.  I'm making this blog NSFW so I can feel free to be myself.  Why write a blog if you can't feel comfortable enough to express yourself in the words you normally use to talk ...well shit, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense...anyway, you get the idea.

 Each day of the week I will post about a specific topic.  I'm going to list those topics in just a minute (so hold your damn horses) but I wanted to say that I am always open to suggestions (within reason) to make this a better blog for YOU, my readers.  Yes, I love to write but it means so much more (to me anyway!) when I know and can see that other people are reading my crazy brain vomit(watch where you---uh oh---step).

Here is my new format:

Sat/Sun "Local Lens" A short post about a local Virginia business I've personally patronized. This will usually involve food or booze, unless it involves food AND booze.  Note:  There will be one post over the two days because hey, I need a damn day off and it's still football season.

Monday  "Multimedia Monday" This will be about a book or movie I've recently read or watched, much like a review site but snarkier and more fun.  I will NEVER EVER give away an ending.  I hate that shit.  Anybody giving away an ending in my comment section will reap the full wrath of my enormous ban-you-and-hunt-you-down-like-the-yellow-bellied-coward-you-are hammer.

Tuesday "Traveling Tuesday"  Here is where I will write about places I've been, places I've lived, and places I want to go in the future.  It will also include places that suck, and I will include at least one place where you can purchase alcohol to make that place suck less.  I guarantee Arkansas will be my number one (two three and four) "place that sucks" -- you've been forewarned.

If you're from Arkansas, you may want to leave now.

*holds door*

Wednesday  "Weird Wednesday"  I'm a whole lot of weird so this kinda leaves the door wide open for me to talk about whatever the hell I want.  I promise it will still be weird.

(Have all the Arkansans gone yet?)

Thursday  "Thirsty Thursday"  Ahhh, this is the holiest of days, the day we discuss booze.  I'll share recipes, tell you where you can buy booze if you're in dry areas, or maybe I'll just post drunk.  Who knows.

(Come on Duggars, get the hell outta here, all of ya!)

No Duggars
Duggar Free Blog Zone
Friday  "In Focus Friday"  This is where I sober my ass up (or not) and share my nature photography.  I'll post a few pics and share some local history.  There's a shit-ton of history around here for real.

I realize this transition may not to be to everyone's liking and ya know what, that's okay with me.  I'm being true to myself and finding my own voice.  If you're offended, don't be a dick, just unsubscribe and be on your merry way.  If you laugh your ass off, please share my page!

So there you have it.  Again, I'd love to hear from you and you're welcome to make requests. Just don't be an asshole(or a racist, sexist, homophobe, or bigot).

If you are racist, sexist, homophobic, or an asshole...don't come in.



  1. I like the schedule you've set up for the most part, but was this post kind of a parody or satire or something like that? Or is this seriously the direction you plan to go?

    This is my first visit here. Your blog kind of seems all over the place, but I guess mine is too.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi Lee! Thanks for the comment. This post was a bit tongue-in-cheek but I am serious about the new schedule. I need to do something to reign in my random-ness, LOL. I'm trying, and it's a work in progress but I really do appreciate the feedback. Thanks for reading and please stick around to see my new content!


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