Tuesday, April 8, 2014

D is for Disaster: One Word - SHITSTORM (and other disasters of WWII)

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April Challenge 2014

D is also for DAMMIT!  It's about 0545 EST on Friday, April 04, 2012 here in Virginia.  I have not been to bed in over two days and I am utterly exhausted - beyond that even.  Why am I not in bed you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  Aside from running three businesses, a house (which I share with my housemate), and general human tasks like eating, showering, and shitting...I walked into my bathroom around 0400, preparing for bed after two long, hard, but productive days spent working, I am greeted with THIS:


  • The local health department and the environmental safety department have been contacted.
  • Our landlord ordered a pump truck to pump the septic system. (I'm sure this was a foreign concept)
  • We bought a shit-ton of cleaning supplies, including antimicrobial soap. Pardon the pun.
  • Cleaned.  Actually, my fabulous housemate pulled another all-nighter and cleaned the house by herself.  She let me sleep in, knowing my level of sheer and utter exhaustion aka zombie-like state. For this epic act of kindness and selflessness I am eternally in her debt.
  • We exercised our privilege of deducting  the costs of cleaning supplies from the rent. We're not sure how well this go over but we do have a legitimate claim with photos and video to back it up. It's always an adventure around here...never a dull moment.

To honor my chosen blog theme for the month of April and for the April A to Z Challenge, I give you, "D is For Disaster Redux

At the end of WWII, most places in Europe were Disaster Zones, for real.  Dresden was nearly wiped off the map by the Allies carpet bombing.  Thanks a lot.  All that beautiful art and culture gone forever.  Carpet bombing? REALLY? 

Another disaster involved the contents of Adolph Hitler's brain meeting the sofa and walls in a rather expedited fashion deep inside the Berlin bunker.

One final disaster lies on American soil in the Pacific Ocean:  Pearl Harbor.  In my opinion, the bombing of Pearl Harbor at dawn was one of the most cowardly, underhanded, heinous acts of the entire war.  To make it exponentially worse, the White House was hosting a delegation from Japan to discuss terms of peace.  It's one thing to bomb a place while innocent families are sleeping.  It's a far far worse thing to do so while attempting to appear peaceful and taking part in negotiations.  Was our retaliatory bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima a little over the top?  FUCK YES it was, and I'm glad.  I tend to disagree with most of our country's foreign policy but this is one action I sanction fully. We didn't start it.  Peace talks were going on and one of Japan's own delegates sat right there in DC and talked a huge pile of shit, all the while knowing what was about to happen in the Pacific. Bastards. I don't like our global status as a "bully nation" but I will say this:  Payback is a BITCH.  

(Do I have strong feelings about Pearl Harbor?  Yes I do!  It makes me so angry that I could swear I lived through it in a past life.) 

Speaking of past lives, be sure to check out my new website devoted to all things metaphysical: