Saturday, April 6, 2013

Whisker; NaPoWriMo Day Six


Today I found a whisker
Lying on the floor
A reminder of the fact
You're not here anymore

I still can't wash your blanket
I suspect I never will
Your passing made an empty place
Nothing can ever fill

I know you're safe and happy
In your rainbow happy place
But I'd give all I owned
Just to see your face

The mornings are now too quiet
With the absence of your purr
The laundry's just too tidy
With the absence of your fur

You know I loved you dearly
A better friend I've never had
You brought me boundless love and joy
For that I'm forever glad

Enjoy your days of freedom
No more suffering or pain
When I cross over and call your name
We'll be together again.

Dedicated to all the kittehs who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and to the owners who love them.