Tuesday, April 23, 2013

N is for Normal (NO!)



Normal is subjective.  Normal is relative.  Normal is something I hope I'll NEVER be.  Normal is one of the worst names you can call me.  To me, normal is boring, conformist, and un-original.  It's everything I AM NOT.

Some people spend thousands of dollars and countless hours of their time trying to be normal.  They want to feel normal and look normal.  They want to be a carbon copy, cookie cutter image of everyone else.


There is beauty in being unique-in being YOU.  Why strive to be something you're not?  Why do so many people want to be an artificial dress up doll in a society of cutouts?

There is truth in honoring how you feel and what you believe in.  There is freedom and joy in following your own path.  I refuse to get in that line of sheeple, those "yes men" and head-nodders.  I will not wear what mass media spews over the airwaves.  I will not agree with the masses and hold my tongue when everything in my soul screams, "NO, that's a LIE!"

These are excerpts from something I recently wrote:

"I'm not your pearl clutcher,
not your Stepford Wife...

I don't want no part of
your cookie-cutter life..

No grey sedans
No minivans...

Gonna shave my head
Dye it Cherry Red..."

Oh, and YES I DID!