Tuesday, July 9, 2013

S is for Strange Dreams

Strange Dreams

I am being carried, effortlessly, by an unknown man.  We approach the rear of a large, shiny black trailer.  The back is open but I sense it is full... of blackness.  The darkness inside is somehow solid and thick.  Without speaking, the unknown man tells me to envision a comfortable room.  I begin to see what appears to be a television screen on the back of the trailer.  We continue walking towards it, closer and closer, and I begin to panic because I think, "He is going to put me THROUGH the TV screen and into the thick dark blackness that is in the back of the trailer."  He "tells" me in my mind to hold onto the thought of a comfortable room and to BELIEVE.  I somehow do and I feel us wading into the darkness, the thickness, the inky blackness.  I open my eyes and he is sitting me down in a room that is identical to my mental vision.  I am amazed and ask him, "Can I imagine some really comfy pillows too?"  He laughs and tells my mind "Yes, you can have the pillows too." He walks away.  To where, I don't know because the trailer has now become as large as a warehouse.  It's as if they found a way to compress space and mass, to alter reality or at least what we perceive as real.  Perhaps it's our perception that is wrong to begin with.

Another man, dressed in a dark suit, comes forward and begins "talking" with me.  I hear his voice inside my head but he isn't speaking, he's transmitting!  He tells me, "See, I can read your mind.  Don't be afraid, you  can hear me and respond to me in the same way." I form a mental response and send it out to him.  Out of habit, I begin to speak the words out loud.  He gently tells me, "There's no need for that anymore.  It's so much quicker to do it this way."  I agree with him and then I am alone in the room of my imagination...